Erica Michelle Bailey, founder and creator of the Girl I See You Movement, is an author, speaker, and certified spiritual life coach. For over seven years, she has helped professional women of Faith, who are stuck in neutral, start moving forward and pursue their God given purpose in the way He intended them to.

Known as the Purpose PushHER, Erica Revives, Renews, and Restores women in four key areas of their lives: spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally. She does this through her signature program “Girl You have Purpose,” a blueprint that focuses on the whole woman – not just one aspect of her life. This tailor-made blueprint re-calibrates their steps toward success. It allows them to visualize where they are now, where they desire to go, and strategically implement a plan of how they will arrive there. One of her favorite personal quotes that she often shares with her clients is, “Purpose without a vision will continue to be a dream.”